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James Testimonial – An Oasis of Healing Alternative Treatment Call An Oasis of Healing to find out more about how to truly heal the body and eliminate the cancer. 480-834-5414 Atherosclerosis and Health Renewal & Rejuvenation. Patient, James Singleton, shares his story of Chelation and Alternative Treatment at An Oasis of Healing.
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Frank P. Zeidler Memorial Lecture 2012: Jeanne Zeidler | Program |

[Original Airdate: October 21, 2012] The youngest daughter of Frank and Agnes Zeidler shares an engaging account of the life and legacy of Milwaukee’s last Socialist Mayor. Jeanne Zeidler, former mayor of Williamsburg, Virginia, honors her father’s legacy on the 100th Anniversary of his birth at Milwaukee Public Library’s Centennial Hall. Introduction by Paula A. Kiely, the director of the library. Kathleen Dunn of Wisconsin Public Radio moderates.

Reiki Hand Positions

This video is for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. Images are from my own photos, around the net, Google Images, Facebook. unknown artists with no copyright infringement intended. To the best of my knowledge, contents included here fall under the fair use of public domain guidelines of the copyright law in the United States. Please Private Message me if YOU are affected by this, I will gladly delete this educational video. The Japanese words “霊気Reiki can be defined as a miraculous/mysterious, ethereal, transcendental and sacred energy of the universe, which sustains all life. Reiki is the name, used by Usui Sensei, for energy of the universe. Reiki is a healing practice that originated in Japan. Reiki practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above the person receiving treatment, with the goal of facilitating the person’s own healing response. In the United States, Reiki is part of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Reiki is generally practiced as a form of self-care. Reiki can be received from someone else and may be offered in a variety of health care settings, including medical offices, hospitals, hospices and clinics. It can be practiced on its own or along with other CAM therapies or conventional medical treatments. Each one has an innate ability to heal oneself. Reiki is easy and simple to learn. Chilldren can learn Reiki. Reiki Hand positions are guidelines for beginning Reiki Practitioners. Ideally, we are guided intuitively by our hands. If You
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Lives Lived: Ali

Meet Ali. She was training for the junior olympics as a ski racer, but crashed going down the hill. At first the prognosis was she’d never be able to race again, but the next day she was cleared for competition.
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Yoga with Iyer – Part 1 (Neck Exercises)

These video excerpts are for educational purposes. If you wish to learn yoga from Sunder, please visit to sign up for the online classes. About Sunder Iyer: Sunder Iyer, PhD, MD(Medicina Alternativa), has been practicing the science of Yoga, since the age of 10. Sunder spent his youth in the spiritual retreat (Ashram) of his guru, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, in Southern India. He graduated from the Sai University – an exemplary institution, which blends modern education with human values. During those 15 odd years, Sunder had great opportunities of learning philosophies of yoga and beyond, directly from this phenomenal spiritual teacher. He was also blessed to learn yoga exercises from other gurus who visited this ashram. Many of these teachers were from traditional schools in the Himalayas and Tibet. Among the honors and degrees awarded to him, Sunder considers the Yoga medal, he received from Sai Baba, in 1984, the most precious blessing. In 1997, he was honored an MD in Alternative Medicine (Medicina Alternativa), from the Open International University for Complementary Medicine, Sri Lanka. In workshops and retreats that he conducts across the world, Sunder seeks to share his stories and knowledge of yoga, so as to help his fellowmen experience life to its fullest potential. He is fondly called the YOGAMAN…
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LPN to RN Online: The College Network Helps Michelle Become A Nurse As an EMT for her local fire department, Michelle loved the hands on experience she got with patients, but longed to be a part of the patient process at the hospital. To do so, she set out to become an RN. Michelle began researching her options for earning her RN while still in LPN school, and discovered that the program at her local university was time-consuming and overpriced. Additionally, she’d be required to take a year’s worth of pre-requisite courses before even beginning her RN studies. Michelle uncovered a promising alternative when The College Network visited her LPN class for a presentation on their online nursing degree programs. Having often felt bored and restricted in the classroom, Michelle loved the idea of working at her own pace outside of a classroom setting. After enrolling with The College Network, Michelle earned her Associate Degree in Nursing at a surprising pace. She loved that she could take her study materials with her on the go for quick review during work and down-time. Michelle feels ecstatic about achieving her RN through such a simple process. She enjoyed her time with The College Network so much she has decided to continue on to earn her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The College Network’s LPN to RN program allowed Michelle to accomplish her goal one chapter at a time. The College Network® provides educational solutions that help individuals advance their education and training with college degrees and professional
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Coordinated care organizations push back against chiropractors

Coordinated care organizations push back against chiropractors
A bill that would set Oregon Health Plan reimbursement rates for providers of alternative medicine at the same level as physicians is running into opposition in Salem as lawmakers wade through the complexities of a sweeping health care reform effort …
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Karen Horney Karen Horney was a pioneering theorist in personality, psychoanalysis, and “feminine psychology”. Biography Horney was born near Hamburg, Germany on September 16, 1885, the second child of Clotilde and Berndt Wackels Danielson. Although her father often bought her gifts and took her on exciting trips, she felt ignored by him. She thought that he was too strict and that he favored her older brother, Berndt. Growing up was not an easy process for Karen. She battled depression from the time she was nine, stemming from the crush that she had on her brother followed by the rejection she felt when he rejected her love. At around the same time, she became very ambitious and rebellious. As she did not see herself as an attractive girl, she was certain that doing good in school was the best alternative. She once said, “School is the only true thing after all”. As a young woman, important milestones and great pressure plagued Karen. Three years after her acceptance into college, Karen was married to Oskar Horney, a law student that she had met in school. In 1910, Karen gave birth to their first of three daughters, Brigitte. Just one year later, her mother died. Next, Horney gave birth to her second and third daughters, Marianne and Renate, in 1913 and 1916, respectively. Karen turned to Freudian analysis to help her through these difficult, tiring times. Karen’s education was a major contributor to her fatigue. She had to justify her actions for going to medical school
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Zithromax Pfizer – link to online store Generic Zithromax (Azithromycin) 500mg / 250mg / 100mg Azithromycin is an antibiotic. It is prescribed for adults to treat certain mild to moderate skin infections; upper and lower respiratory tract infections, including pharyngitis (strep…

Как выбрать и купить увлажнитель воздуха

Выбрать и купить увлажнитель воздуха Вам помогут консультанты Интернет-магазинов Эксперт Киров: Чебоксары: увлажнитель воздуха увлажнитель…
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Yoga Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Head Breathing Yoga Exercises

Yoga Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Head Breathing Yoga Exercises

Yoga often focuses on breathing exercises for stress and muscle tension relief. Learn how to do yoga head breathing exercises in this free health video. Expert: Swami Vidyanand Bio: Swami Vidyanand is the founder of transformational yoga & honorary president of the world yoga council of the international yoga federation. Filmmaker: kate vimal
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Do you suffer from painful arthritis? If your answer is yes… than this professionally produced, step-by-step, self-acupressure film could change your life! Created by physicians trained in both eastern and western medicine, this film demonstrates and gives you the simple yet effective techniques for finding relief from the debilitating effects of arthritis. You’ll learn exactly where the pressure points for relief are located and the proper way to stimulate them for fast long lasting relief. For more information please visit

Chemistry of Essential Oils with Dr David Stewart

Chemistry of Essential Oils with Dr David Stewart on TruthBrigade Radio Dr. David Stewart studied theology, philosophy, and English at Central Methodist College in Fayette, Missouri (1955-58) and studied chemistry, biology and social sciences at Central Missouri State University in Warrensburg (1962-63). He also trained as a commercial photography at Los Angeles Trade Technical College (1959-60). He completed a BS degree in Mathematics and Physics at Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy in 1965 and was salutatorian of his graduating class. His MS and PhD degrees are in geophysics (theoretical seismology) and were earned from the University of Missouri at Rolla in 1969 and 1971 respectively. His doctoral dissertation is a mathematical discourse on vibrational modes and spectral analysis of frequencies in solid matter applying the 3-dimensional tensor calculus developed by Albert Einstein. He spent a semester in medical school at the University of North Carolina (1973) and has been a Certified Childbirth Educator (CCE) with the American Academy of Husband-Coached Childbirth (AAHCC) since 1975. He has spent some 200 hours in training with Dr. Gary Young (ND), internationally recognized authority on aromatherapy, essential oil production, and the originator of Raindrop Therapy. Dr. Stewart has also been a Registered Aromatherapist (RA) with the nationally recognized Aromatherapy Registration Council (ARC), which is endorsed by the National Association of

Spiritual Healing - INSHA (english subtitels)

The Insha – Academy for the “new treatment methods of the Age of Aquarius” is a school for the development and evolvement of health potential and self-awareness. At the core lies a profound training program, which delivers in-depth knowledge of spiritual healing. The “new treatment methods of the Age of Aquarius – Insha” concern themselves with energetic and spiritual healing. The courses are targeted at healthcare professionals and people who have a calling for healing in their lives. The methods and ways of healing are holistic and act on body, mind and soul. The INSHA – healing methods convey the light of the Age of Aquarius and the new energy with which we can work. They support the body in adapting to the light, transparency and subtleness, in taking up, implementing and living light. The INSHA – healing knowledge allows us to exist as light beings in the material world and thereby opens up our potential on the spiritual and physical levels.