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Common Cause Arthritis Ferndale MI Arthritis Treatment Dr. Chris McNeil, Chiropractor in Ferndale Michigan. Phone: (248) 291-6873, Arthritis Therapy, Fernd…

Arthritis Pain Testimonial

At Dr Lu’s acupuncture and massage clinic in Portland and Vancouver we use Chinese herbs to help treat arthritis pain.
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Alternative treatment

Alternative treatment

Check the link in the description box to know about Hypothyroidism with Alternative treatment

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Latest Ways To Reduce Blood Pressure News

Dieting: Top Five Ways to Keep Weight in Check
“A realistic high protein weight-reducing diet was associated with greater fat loss and lower blood pressure when compared with a high carbohydrate, high fibre diet in high risk overweight and obese women,” concludes a research paper written by …
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Unseen Medicine: Discovering Integrative Healing Modalities (2013) – Documentary Trailer

This feature length documentary on which I am one of the producers explores various alternative medicine and healing approaches. Its director, Christopher Es…
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What is Personalized Medicine? (00:54) Precision Medicine (01:23) Decoding Cancer Genomics (03:13) Cancer Treatment in the Future (04:16) Einstein-Montefiore…
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