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The Natural Way To Remedy Stomach Aches

We are all aware that the vital functions of the digestion and the assimilation of our food intake take place in our stomach. This important organ also help in preparing the food o that it will pass into our intestinal tract in such a form that it will be easily absorbed. Remember that gastric acids and enzymes also do the breaking down of food into small particles, and then our strong muscles do the grinding so that proper mixing of all the food particles will take place.

And whatever pains that we will have here can be a sign that the pain can come from the different conditions that affects a variety of the other organs there. And if we sometimes experience pain in the belly, it can either be originating from the abdominal cavity or beneath our skin and muscles, or it can also be just simple mid-body misery that we need to attend to right away. The possible cause can be a lot of things, too. There are lactose intolerance, heartburn, gallstones, ulcers, overeating, stress, or irritable bowel syndrome. Not eating enough or improperly can also be a cause of the pain.

Different kinds of physical symptoms can also be associated with the abdominal or stomach pain that we feel. Among them include those that can be induced by several disorders in the stomach which includes jabbing and sharp pains that will feel like rigidity and cramping of the muscles inside the stomach, a slicing and knife-like inflicted pain, or an occurrence of a burning sensation.  Still some other symptoms may be a persistent and consistent ache that usually comes along with stomach disorders that may induce nausea and loss of appetite for the entire duration of the disorder, and belching. A feeling of abdominal fullness will also be felt.

Whatever the cause may be, actions necessary to relieve the pain must be done right away. Some natural ways of dealing with stomach pains are now available that you can easily bring remedy to it even in the four corners of your house.

Consistent and persistent abdominal cramping or pain can be easily soothed by the use of supplemental herbal solutions that consist of peppermint teas and fennel. These natural herbs can be combined together with water and may be steeped for around 20 to 30 minutes. Since this is a tea, it can be strained and eventually cooled down, and can be taken daily to ease any symptoms of stomach pain and cramps.

As an alternative, when you take one teaspoon of the important oils of each of the herbs together with fluids can also be a big help in treating stomach disorders. In fact, fennel can be used in soothing soreness in the stomach. While peppermint herb can be an effective analgesic, too.

To help in soothing the swollen mucous membranes of our stomach lining, herbal teas that are made from slippery elm herbs and chamomile are also great remedies. One way to do this is by preparing herbal teas by making use of one teaspoon of each of the herbs in a cup of water and then taking this three times a day. The circulation system of our body will be relaxed and eventually be warmed up by just taking a tea made from gentian root herbal on a daily basis.

Another one can be herbal teas made from peppermint, lemon balm, valerian herb, St. John’s wort, rue or chamomile can also help in calming down the edgy nerves and at the same time in healing down of damaged nerves. Also recommended for people suffering abdominal pain is by taking topical herbal solutions. Taking a relaxing and comforting bath with water mixed with 5 drops of the essential herbal of rosemary oil to be put in your full tub is also recommended.

And finally, if you want to have that soothing massaging effect in your abdominal area against stomach cramps, use diluted arnica oil. Also helpful for the pain caused by the presence of peptic ulcers are the soothing effects of herbal juices directly taken from the whole-leaf of the aloe vera herb.

These can just be some of the ways by which an immediate remedy for an abdominal pain can be done in your home. But it would still be wise if the necessary medical treatment will also be sought.

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