Homeopathy in the world today.m4v

Homeopathy in the world today.m4v

Homeopathy in the world today Two renowned homeopaths and teachers from Kolkata, Drs. Kalyan and Kalisankar Bhattacharyya, invited by Ghana Homeopathy Project, gave their time and expertise to help and the communities of the Mafi-Kumase region of Ghana. Homeopaths from the UK and Ghana all met at Mafi-Seva village to practice, study and experience homeopathy. Students from the Premier International School of Homeopathy and Alternative Medicine (PISHAM), supported by Ghana Homeopathy Project, joined this clinical training programme over two consecutive weekends 18/10 – 8/11/2011. This is a speech given by Kalyan Bhattacharyya Saturday 5 November 2011 to students and local dignitaries. Please see ghanahomeopathy.org

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