parambariya maruthuvam on 18.3.13

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50 thoughts on “parambariya maruthuvam on 18.3.13

  1. Chellam Kalipillai

    I and my whole family members are a hard core fan of this program…Very useful info…..Please continue the good work!!

  2. praveena sharma

    dear father we are watching your program it is very use full father, and also our thanks to zee tamil tv teams i am suffering romantic arthritis last i yerar and using much medicine but no hope please i m expecting goof medicine form you father we trying to contact to you nos but it is very difficult please father i hope i will get good result from your side or to contact to easy way

    thanking you father from colombo

  3. arun kumar

    dr.sakthy subramani address
    1.Dr.Sakthy subramaniam,
    No.6/9,anna salai,
    paavendar nagar,

  4. Kulandaivel sampat

    Born on 23.01.1952 – Viruchiga Rasi – Kettai Natchathiram – Meena Lagnam – I am suffering from Diabetic for the past 11 years – Now I am suffering from shoulder pain , teeth problem , gastric problem – I request you Sir, to suggest me suitable medicine / remedy to my diseases . Please…

  5. Jayaprakash G

    hai ztamil tv. sidha maruvathuvam program is very good yannuku skin problem. body,face,shoulder la dot matts.kolls strall katti irruku sir. please helpme sir. reply me

  6. avjgayu


  7. Ramakrishnan Rajasubramanian

    I am providing his Email ID :

    You can get in touch with him in his No. 9042411002 or his daughter Mrs.Nandhinee @ 7418369002.

    His Chennai address: No.16A, Kandasamy Street, (Near Sesha Nagar Junction, Madha Statue), Poonamallee, Chennai – 600 056

    His Vellore Address: No.6/9, Anna Street, Pavendar Nagar, Rangapuram, Vellore – 632 009

    Thanks & all the best. Ramakrishnan – ramkey (at) laboratoryneeds (dot) com

  8. Manimegalai Mega

    dear father, its really wonderful programm im watching the chaneel past one month. i want ur appointment sir, my mother is suffering a lot becas she is having problem in kidney(kattii).so kindly help me sir….

  9. Ranganathan R

    Ayya, very useful programme and good healthy tips for life i want to meet you and know about the medicines more . my child 12 years and he is used to go swimming daily practice and now he is affecting in phelm pls advice how to release the phelm
    my email id :


    dear father, namaskaram each and every day I am watching your channel I want to meet you I want and get medicens for my child AR.SAI LAKASHMI AGE:45 MY EMAIL iam expectation for your kind reply you are my god thank you

  11. Venkatesh. Narayan

    already messaged.til no me know whether any repeat od this progrm is de r urgentor books or dvd available.

  12. vinoth sathyan

    very very usefull program .sir is teaching such a great thing that even my daughter tells me small ideas if any wound or stomack pain etc.,i never miss this program .it would be very thankfull that if we get any books related to this maruthuvam.Thank god and also ZEE Tamil for this wounder full program.We would be happy if this program is retelecast daily in evening time also as job going peoples will also not miss this precious prgram.Thanks to ZEE tamil

  13. Adikesavan Madhavi

    iam regularly wathcing this programme from last one month, very useful and enables to know the uses of all the natural products . I learnt the values of various items which are used in kitchen.Thaks to Zee tamil channel.Kindly give me Dr phone number I want to consult Dr for my personal problem.

  14. Chengalveroyen KRISHNA KUMAR

    This is a very useful a forgotten traditional medicine teachings, and now a days who bothers about all these treasure values, thanks for zee tamil tv for bringing out such a wonderful programme. I think no other TV channel brings out such a very day-to-day useful details which is very useful for the mankind.

  15. karna karna find here all about him and his books. he is spiritual minded so his words reach us direct to our heart,

  16. Ramakrishnan Rajasubramanian

    Dr.Sakthy Subramani & Nandhini, No.16A, Kandasamy Street, Sesha Nagar Junction, Behind CSI Wesley Church, Poonamallee, Chennai 600 056. M: 9042411002. Thanks & regards. Ramakrishnan, ramkey@ laboratoryneeds. com

  17. Ramakrishnan Rajasubramanian

    Dr.Sakthy Subramani & Nandhini, No.16A, Kandasamy Street, Sesha Nagar Junction, Behind CSI Wesley Church, Poonamallee, Chennai 600 056. M: 9042411002

  18. Ramakrishnan Rajasubramanian

    His name is Shri.Sakthi Subramani of Vellore. His contact Number : 9042411002 as appearing in his blog: h t t p s://plus. google. com/ 117866310200619634760/ posts

  19. Hadasah Mariamu

    Amazing, Intriguing, Inspiring, I had no idea that we went so deep as far as our abilities and possibilities. This has opened a whole new way of looking at things that I never even thought about. Truly there is a paradigm shift taking place. Year one is a good time to be alive! I’m wrking through all this poison I have been fed and allowed myself to be fed, I am determined and its easier now that I know about our imaginal cells. Makes me much more awre to my thghts and how they be affecting me!

  20. Hadasah Mariamu

    lol! Thats right Lenon, I was listening to a lady Dr. Jewel Pookrum and she said something along those lines. Universal law doesnt work that way, you have to reciprocate and if you cant afford it then manifest it and you will have the means to afford it. That way the cycle keeps going. I remeber when all your work used to be free and now I’m glad that you wisened up to start getting compesation for some of your stuff. I appreciate you putting this interview out and I will find a way to get more

  21. Meehh1

    I Don’t want it to finish.. Please interview him moor.. Please, please, please, with 2 crystals of your choice on top :)

  22. ElectroFruity

    I signed up as a Premium Member for a while and the content on there is brilliant! I’d highly recommend you try it out. I’ll be returning to your website soon Lenon, thanks for the good work. Peace. Sercan.

  23. dganir1

    Dr. B Sirius’s talk about capturing the soul of the person in the music reminds me of the belief of some indigenous cultures that the soul is captured when one takes a photograph.

  24. jeikeitube

    All this stuff is your work.You can do anything you want with all these great informations.You can ask for money or you dont’t.Its up to you.This is your work!
    I know Lennon that you are aware of all these thinks but i am just saying.
    Those who believe that you don’t have to ask for money,these people must have something to offer in response to your work.

  25. Lenon Honor

    There is much work involved in the process of materializing love, peace, and positivity. Those who believe that they are entitled to receiving these things without reciprocation come from a place of narcissism and poverty consciousness. I invested 10 hours preparing for, recording, editing, exporting, and uploading this interview. And yet you want more for free? Complainers who speak of love, peace, and positivity are nothing more than energy vampires and will be dismissed.

  26. Nullpersona

    It is those that require payment for what could have no cost that are going against nature. That said, such behavior is commonplace, and widely accepted. Charging for anything, rather that providing it at cost or free is a statement that it is not the dissemination that is the priority. Rather, it excludes many, and alienates others. Accepting donations or support is fine. Requiring payment for anything commercializes a product or service. Remember love, peace, and positivity are free.

  27. Lenon Honor

    If a person is unwilling to pay for a service and is offered part of a service for free then the person who is unwilling to pay for a service should not expect more for free. Those who expect more for free suffer from poverty consciousness and will always make excuses as to why they are unwilling to pay for empowering services. I have learned to steer clear of such people. They are like parasites who always want more but never give back.

  28. HeartBreakHigh

    I hear what you are saying, but payment for a “service” isn’t support, it’s payment for a service. Support is a donation and there are also other ways to support other than fiscal. The content is empowering, but only those who can afford it, can be empowered. Not very empowering for those who can’t afford it or for the empowerment of the planet. If people like yourself want to charge for this kind of info, that’s fine, that’s your choice, I’m just making an observation voicing my opinion. :0)

  29. Lenon Honor

    One of the keys to success is to listen and to learn. I listen and learn from all of my guests which is why I do not say much during the interview.  I pick guests who can teach me things which is why I always look forward to these shows. Doctah B is one of my favorites.

  30. xemy101

    “The two directions of thinking are the outward direction toward your material equipment, which gives you your resources, and the inward direction toward mental equipment, which gives you your resourcefulness. Mediocrity is due to thinking in only one direction… materialists think only in the outward direction toward material; and impractical dreamers think only in the inward direction toward the seat of imagination; while the creative genius thinks in both directions.”

    Worth checking out! :)

  31. xemy101

    He went on to write an entirely new scientific cosmology based on the premise that mind is causal and all matter is in fact the expression of timeless ideas, registered in the form of forever repeating motion sequences. His definition of ‘God’ is very much akin to the Tao and he has also written several empowering philosophy books about expressing one’s own genius, by taking idea apart and learning how to skilfully build a form for it. It’s very inspiring stuff, going to leave you with a quote!

  32. xemy101

    Lenon I’ve been watching you for a while and I always appreciate listening to your perspective, down to earth and I especially like your videos on relationships. I have wondered if you have read any of the work of Walter Russell? He was a 20th century american polymath, who left school at the age of nine and went on to discover four new elements of the periodic table for which he recieved a doctorate, after having a flash of inspiration (much like Tesla had when he invented the DC motor). cont.

  33. marcb2raw

    What I like about Doctah B is his enthusiasm when he speaks especially with topics pertaining us not original from this planet opposed to the man evolve from monkey stuff. And from the way you were quiet Lenon it’s proven this man is great. Some radio host never give the guest enough time to make their point.


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