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A Natural Remedy For ADHD

Attention Deficit Hyper – activity Disorder (henceforth ADHD) is one of the most commonly known behavioral/mental disorders, which has been known to plague the lives of adults and kids alike. The disorder is characterized by impulsiveness, hyperactivity and lack of attention which if unchecked leads to a lot of complications in the patients’ lives. The diagnosis of ADHD has to be carried out by a professional behavioral expert, like a psychiatrist or psychologist, since all other reasons to explain a person’s behavior have to be eliminated before it settles on ADHD. It goes without saying that erroneous diagnosis would be very dreadful to both the person and their family.

In efforts to find a remedy for controlling ADHD, it was discovered the powers of Bach flowers in creating positive results. The flower essences from Bach flowers are known to possess the necessary ingredients to bring back control of emotions and reactions to the ADHD patient. The Bach flowers remedial extractions are made out of naturally occurring flowers which, after research and tests, have been found to possess medicinal qualities that would be useful in treating human disorders such as ADHD. The best part about using the Bach flower remedies is that they are naturally occurring, therefore safer for use than conventional manufactured medicines.

The medical researches carried out on the extractions of Bach flowers, and their obvious success in quieting down behavioral conditions such as ADHD, have made them gain popularity. Bach flower extracts are successful in sullying the symptoms associated with ADHD without leaving the patient with any side effects to grapple with. This places it miles ahead of other non-natural ADHD medicines like Ritalin, which have been known to have obvious harmful side effects to patients. The fact that they are naturally occurring, gives them the flexibility of being ingested with food, beverages and even certain levels of alcohol which does not reduce their potency in providing relief.

Bach flower extracts, such as Impatiens and Agrimony, have had success in reducing the impulsiveness and hyperactivity symptom in ADHD patients, leaving them feeling tranquil. These, along with the other Bach flower supplements, have provided and will continue to provide, a natural relief to ADHD patients. A thought in explaining the preference of using Bach flowers to conventionally manufactured medicines, would be that nature is providing mankind a natural solution to counter a naturally occurring disorder. This however, does not dilute the medical sense that is to be found in using the Bach remedies in ADHD treatment.

ADHD, as can be attested by people who either have it or are close to someone who has it, can be a stressful condition that may lead to a lot of frustration. While other remedies only work to pacify the ADHD’s immediate symptoms, Bach flower extracts are all round in their therapy where they can treat the symptoms and all emotional difficulties such as depression and low self esteem that may result from having ADHD.

Tom Vermeersch is a psychologist and certified Bach Flower consultant with more than 25 years experience in working with Bach Flower remedies, and a developer of several proven and very successful Bach Flower combinations.