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Does a colon cleanse help with losing weight? – Dr Jorge’s Advice on The Doctors

April 25th, 2012. A viewer asks if using the technique a doctor does before a colonoscopy to rid the bowels of waste, help to jump start weight loss. The ans…
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Treating the root causes of Arthritis with a treatment that is simple, more economical and highly effective!
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visit http://tov1.net/arthritis arthritis treatment for hands — The 5 Essential Principles To Eliminating Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms , 1. As RA sufferers…

“Food for the Fight” – Nutrition Advice for Cancer Patients

“Food for the Fight” is a video from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital that offers advice about nutrition for cancer patients. The video provides guidance on the…
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Rick Simpson tell us about his goal to help people heal themselves using hemp oil to cure cancer and other diseases. We also hear many testimonies of the pos…
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Palmyra Couple Offers Sage Advice for Natural Living

Palmyra Couple Offers Sage Advice for Natural Living
John, who is a natropathic doctor, helped the family cure any ailments with natural remedies. “We believe herbs are the way to natural health,” said Roberta. “Herbal medicine is really important to us.” The Manns moved to Palmyra in 2000 and continued …
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