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Best Natural Acne Remedy

Acne treatment can become a persistent problem leaving ugly scars behind upon healing. How or why does acne occur? It may be caused due to lack of sleep, stress, intake of junk food or food that is rich in oil and fat, heavy intake of refined sugars, low self care, hormonal imbalances, acne bacteria or it simply might be hereditary.

Vitamin E is yours skins best friend. Vitamin E has healing properties that is essential for your skin. You have the option of taking vitamin supplements or making sure you use a non greasy facial lotion. I personally take a multi-vitamin that happens to include 100% daily value of the vitamin, and use a special lotion.

Toothpaste: This is one of the most popular acne cures overnight. Apply a coin size of toothpaste on the acne and keep it untouched overnight. The toothpaste will absorb all the excessive oil from the acne and thus the size of the acne decreases. The next day, wash it off with lukewarm water first and then with cold water.

Studies have found out that consuming foods with low GI helps in reducing acne to about 50%. Low GI diets include green leafy vegetables, whole-grains, fruits, carrot and foods with high fiber content.

Acne prevention is easy as long as one follows a thorough skin care routine. Increase your intake of vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet. Supplements of zinc and omega 3 fatty acids can help you detoxify your system.

This should be made to lie on skin for at least 15 minutes. Following this you should wash off the paste and pat dry the skin. This natural treatment can make your face glow instantaneously.

For clearing acne with baking soda, you have to prepare a thick paste by mixing up baking soda powder with water. Apply it over the acne and wait for a few minutes. Then rub the remaining baking soda paste all over your face. Then wash off the face with plain water. In this treatment, the baking soda acts as an exfoliator and removes the dead skin cells and excess oil, that are responsible for causing acne.


Author is an online medical researcher on acne treatment and skin care. Click read more on home remedies for acne, eczema treatment, home remedies for cystic acne.

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