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Do Alternative Cancer Treatments Work?

There are claims by both researchers and cancer survivors alike, that alternative cancer therapy really works, even in the most aggressive of cancers, such as pancreatic. Eighteen months of research by Nobel prize winners, doctors, scientists, biochemists, and Ph.D.’s state their findings uncovered over 350 natural and alternative non-specific cancer treatments.

Non-specific meaning that cancer cells no matter where they are residing in the body, react to these natural and alternative treatments by either curing the cancer completely, increasing the tumor response rate combined with chemo for more shrinkage, or in terminal or non operable cases increased survival time by 64% , and a 59% increase of survival time in patients with metastasized breast cancer using the alternative and natural treatments combined with chemo.

The researchers also claim to have found a substance being used in Japanese hospitals that reduces hair loss to “slight” as opposed to “severe.” This substance is also supposed to inhibit metastasis, improve survival rates, and relieve other side effects of chemo. There is supposed documented evidence that the natural and alternative treatments work, with over 2,000 testimonials from current or recent cancer patients that have utilized the natural and alternative treatments, either exclusively or in combination with conventional medical treatment.

The truth is that today, as many Americans are dying from cancer as in 1950, even after being adjusted for age. Despite this fact, it seems too many medical professionals are only concerned with treating this disease through rigorous treatments such as chemo and radiation. It is also possible that many of the medical professionals are only knowledgeable about, and can prescribe treatments regulated by the FDA. Many of the natural and alternative cancer therapy treatments contain herbs and vitamins often found in readily available natural food sources, which falls outside the jurisdiction of the FDA.

It is not unreasonable to think that natural and alternative cancer therapy exists, and can work. Antibiotics are a perfect example. They are harvested from mold, and are given to fight bacterial infections such as pneumonia, meningitis, scarlet fever, strep throat, blood poisoning, gangrene, and a host of other bacterial infections. Here is a logical question – If a fungi combats bacterial infections, what other natural remedies are out there that we are not aware of, and what are they capable of combating?

By: Lily Andrews
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Natural Remedy For Cancer

Cancer is considered as the most dangerous disease affecting a large number of people. It has been known that there is no accurate cure for cancer. However, there are numerous natural cancer remedies that are found to be very effective if taken with utmost care and patience. A natural cancer remedy and you will be required to make substantial changes to your current diet and lifestyle to facilitate your bodys natural healing capabilities. Most of the doctors believe that these natural cancer remedies are not proven but the truth is that chemotherapy and radiation treatments are a most disastrous wastage of time.

Cancer can be defined as the unwanted growth of cells in our body. Cancer cells require almost 8 times the glucose that is required by normal cells. Cancer can be the outcome of a weak immune system or an immune system that is not functioning properly. Cancer cells cannot survive is a highly oxygenated environment.

Chemotherapy generally destroys your vital organs and affects the way they function. Many studies suggest that after going through chemotherapy one cannot come out with a good health. Considering these points will persuade you to go for a natural remedy for cancer.

Our body has inbuilt healing service that annihilate the cancer cells from within and this could be natural cures for cancer. Due to poor diets, lack of exercise and daily stress most immune systems are so far out of balance they could not even protect our body from getting infected by the smallest of infections or bacteria.

The advent of Ayurveda and yoga has enabled us to switch to natural treatments for cancer. Today a large number of people are adopting natural ways to fight against cancer. I would suggest considering a natural remedy for cancer instead of going through harmful chemotherapy.

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Simplest Way To Cancer Alternative Medicine – A Cancer – Step Outside The Box Review

Alternative medicine is the use of means, in addition to, or rather than conventional, to deal with disease or pain. There is lots of controversy surrounding alternative medicine, especially in the cancer arena, because most from it is unproven, so far as the medical world can be involved. To be proven, a treatment must have undergone peer-reviewed, controlled studies. However, if you know where you can look, you can find plenty of research to support the efficacy of numerous alternative therapies.

Every day, more and more people are becoming fed up with conventional medicine’s way of doing things; I am talking about, let’s be honest … Western medicine’s focus is building a disease once it occurs. Many alternative methods may be used as preventive instead of management. Various avenues of alternative medicine, could be overwhelming and there are lots of with which I don’t have personal experience. A few of these methods are palliative (help manage discomfort and pain of cancer and its treatment), some are complementary (for use in addition to conventional), some usually are meant to be preventive, and others look promising as adjuvant treatments.

Manual Healing and Physical Touch

This is a huge category that includes acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, and Reiki, for starters. Acupuncture comes from Chinese medicine and involves inserting tiny needles through the skin into specific energy pathways about the body. This method interrupts the energy that flows through the body and it is depending on balanced Qi. There is lots of controversy surrounding whether acupuncture can be used as a method of treating cancer, itself, but it is thoroughly documented to ease pain and nausea from cancer and its treatments.

Chiropractic is the correction of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. It is achieved by alterations in the spine and neck. There are traditional chiropractors who adjust the entire spine after which you will find Direct Non-Force Technique chiropractors who alleviate neurotransmitter interference, through the body, by specific, targeted adjustments. The thinking, here, is that the body has the way to heal itself and seeks to maintain balance within itself. Correcting the musculoskeletal disorders helps you to regain the balance that has been lost.

Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins, Diet, and Supplements

This is one of the roads I’ve chosen, personally, based on careful research and consideration. There is evidence that implies that what we eat plays a large role in cancer prevention and it is in the news all of the time. In the evolution in our society, our foods have become more and more processed, and fewer and less nutritious. Farmers use pesticides to maintain the bugs from getting our produce. They use hormones to grow our chickens, cattle, and pigs larger faster, to allow them to make money off them sooner. Of course, it doesn’t occur to them, or possibly they simply don’t care, those substances are then consumed by us. I didn’t even realize those things were utilised until after I had been diagnosed. You mean I’m eating estrogen in my meat???? Wow, was that ever a wakeup call.


Naturopathy is another technique that uses your body’s innate ability to heal itself. It is based on the concept that everything, inside the body, is related which if you have pain or illness, that’s an alarm your body sparks to get your attention and allow you to have some understanding is wrong. The naturopathic way of thinking is that your body begins to let you know something is out of balance … maybe you aren’t digesting your food correctly, or else you possess some hormones out of whack … and it begins a snowball effect, throughout your organs, until it gets your attention. Things are related and, when there is an issue in one area, another area attempts to occupy the slack and becomes overworked, and so forth. Naturopaths use natural means, such as homeopathic remedies, natural agents, manipulation, or electrical treatment to obtain balance so the body can heal itself.


This is actually the practice of utilizing minute doses of active ingredients to create your body’s own defense and healing process. It, like naturopathy, strives to achieve homeostasis (balance) so the body can heal itself. Homeopathic remedies work similar to a vaccine gives our bodies and it is based on the premise of like fixes like. Homeopaths prescribe substances that would cause symptoms, in a healthy person, with regards to healing those same symptoms inside a sick person. For instance, a homeopath would prescribe minute amounts of thyroid to someone whose thyroid was overactive with regards to a thyroid problem creating a defense to this and slowing itself down.

This is, in no way, an exhaustive overview of alternative therapies, but is, as stated, an overview. Now, lets talk about Cancer – Step Outside The Box created by Ty Bollinger and how it may help you. I really hope this short Cancer – Step Outside The Box Review will assist you to differentiate whether Cancer – Step Outside The Box is Scam or a Genuine.

Ty Bollinger has been doing a great job of since the many different ways of treating cancer naturally. In his book he also provides you with a brief history behind why the medical industry has not embraced these treatments, most of which you can implement along with the current standard of treatment without jeopardizing those treatments.

You will also find, depending on the natural treatment recommended for the stage cancer listed, the recommended source or brand for your treatment. Quality does count! If you need to let your personal doctor know you’re taking additional supplements due to possible reactions with your current therapy, that details are there too.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to cancer. Each cancer differs depending on where it’s located and what stage it’s in when found. “Cancer – Step Outside The Box” provides you with the info you need to understand where your cancer came from to start with and what steps you have to take to insure a greater results of surviving it.

The ultimate decision when it comes to your health is up to you. The easy way would be to place your health in your physician’s hands and hope for the best outcome. The best way would be to educate yourself and begin taking responsibility for your health problems

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How Alternative Medicine Can Help Relieve the Pain of Bone Cancer

When a person has bone cancer, the pain that they are experiencing is not the cancer itself but it is from the treatment that they must endure in order to try and fight the invasion of cancer in their bones. Although many doctors will prescribe a variety of different kinds of pain killers for this pain, a patient may also want to try other ways to relieve or reduce the pain that is caused from the harsh medical treatments they receive on a regular basis.


By trying to maintain a diet that is filled with nutritious foods as well as vitamin supplements can actually act as natural healers for your body. There are some foods like beets, onions, leafy green veggies and artichokes that will help the immune system and help to detoxify the body from the chemicals used to treat the cancer. These foods also have a high content of antioxidants that might help reduce the pain as well.


You also will need to keep your heart in good shape because a healthy heart can actually help to cut down on pain that is caused by the cancer treatment. So to strengthen your heart you should consider several vitamins and mineral supplements. Take vitamin C two times a day in 250 to 500 mg doses, take beta carotene in 50,000 IU doses two times a day as well as 400 IU doses of vitamin E two times a  day. You can also take coenzyme Q10 three times a day in a 100 mg does. L-carnitine is also another good supplement that can be taken three times each day along with 30 mg of zinc one time a day.


Another supplement that is known to help reduce the painful side effects of chemotherapy is to add 300 mcg of selenium and take this twice daily and you can also add 500 mg of glutathione two times a day which will work the same as the selenium.


Don’t forget to also include a supplement of the two vitamins need most by your bones and that would be both vitamin A and vitamin D. You can take these in 400 IU dosages each day to help your bones and their growth cycle.


There are also some herbal types of medicines that can help with the after effects of chemo and one of those would be ginkgo. This will help to remove the toxins that are left behind by the chemotherapy. These toxins that are left behind are the major reason for all of the pain that is felt after treatment. You can take 120 mg to get the full benefit of this herbal medicine.


You also need to try and keep up a healthy immune system to try and relieve pain as well so trying to support your immune system with herbs is a way to go. You can use a combination of equal parts of mayapple root, corydalis yanhusuo, tag alder, yellow dock and figwort. Mix these herbs together into a tincture form and you can take it for six month by take 30 drops a day.


Note: Remember, you should always consult with your doctor before adding anything new to your diet or to your health regime.


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Alternative Treatment For Cancer

The alternative treatment for cancer that I’m going to talk about should be a mainstream treatment, but it’s not, because it doesn’t involve any drugs that big pharma can make a buck off of. Most people don’t know this, but cancer has been cured at least 12 times since 1900. We never hear about this. Why? Big pharma doesn’t want us to. They want to keep making millions off the chemotherapy drugs. We don’t hear about the cures because big pharma controls the media by threatening to pull their advertising dollars.

A couple of years ago, a friend of mine underwent chemo for throat cancer. He told me that they give you chemo until you’re right on the verge of death, then they stop. When I talked to him he was still pretty weak and couldn’t even walk very far. It was obvious that he was having some pretty serious side effects.

I have found that the best alternative treatments are the ones that make a lot of common sense. One that really makes a lot of common sense is an alternative treatment for cancer. In this treatment, oxygen is used to kill and prevent the further growth of cancer cells. This not a new idea. As early as 1924, a Dr. Otto Warburg wrote that cancer cells were anaerobic. In other words, they can’t live in the presence of oxygen. Dr. Warburg thought that future cancer research and treatment would utilize this finding, however he was to be disappointed. His findings were quickly forgotten while cancer research went off in other directions.

An alternative treatment for cancer that would use Dr. Warburg’s research would involve raising the ph of your bodily fluids to an alkaline level. Why do this? A ph of seven is considered to be neutral, anything above this is considered to be alkaline and a ph below seven is considered to be acid. An alkaline fluid has oxygen in it, while an acidic fluid tends not to have any oxygen, so cancer couldn’t live in an alkaline body which would have oxygen in all its fluids, while it can thrive in an acid body which wouldn’t have any oxygen in its fluids.

When you were born, your bodily fluids had an alkaline ph of 7.4. The only acids in your body were the stomach fluids and the urine. As you age however, you’re body may have become acidic because of the foods you’ve eaten and/or the stress you’ve been under. Unfortunately, most food has an acid ph. This is an attempt by nature to help our stomachs break down and digest our food. Even tap water usually has an acid ph because of all the additives it has such as chlorine. The part where you can control your ph happens because some foods, particularly, some green vegetables are actually alkaline and some foods that start out acidic become alkaline after being broken down. A case in point is lemons. Lemons are very acidic because they have citric acid in them. Yet, after being broken down in the stomach, they become very alkaline.

All attempts at alkalizing the body can be for naught, however, if stress is present. Stress can turn a body from an alkaline state to an acidic state in just a few minutes. This is because the adrenal glands pump out cortisone when the body is under stress. Cortisone is acidic and spreads all over the body causing the whole body to become acidic. You can see the link between stress and health by looking at Air Traffic Controllers. Everyone knows it’s a stressful job and everyone knows they have a lot of health problems. So if you have cancer and stress, you first need to eliminate stress or you’ll never eliminate the cancer.

There are food charts available; however, I’ve noticed that some charts don’t agree with others, so you should look at several charts when deciding which foods to use when alkalizing your body. Even if you have a good food chart, it may be hard to always eat alkaline or alkalizing foods. This is where supplements come in. One of the best supplements is calcium. All calcium is good; however coral calcium is better and marine grade coral calcium is the best coral variety. It features 100% absorption plus it has almost eighty varieties of microbes that help the body with digestion. Coral calcium can be purchased over the counter anywhere that vitamins are sold. I buy mine at a grocery store.

In addition to raising your body’s ph with coral calcium, if you have cancer you should also use cesium chloride. Cesium chloride has a ph of 14 and its molecules are so big that it can enter a cancer cell through the food inlet channel, but it can’t get out through the smaller exit channel. Therefore the cancer cell becomes alkaline and the cancer can no longer survive. Cesium is very caustic however, and should be used only under a doctor’s supervision.

I live in a suburb of Portland, OR. I first got interested in alternative medicine in 1994 after I suffered a major stroke. My doctors told me that I would improve a little on my own during the first six months, but after that there would be very little improvement. They also said that there was nothing they could do. At this point I became very disillusioned with Western medicine and started studying the alternatives.

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If you read a cancer guide or website or anything they always list depression one of the unwanted effects of cancer. However depression isn’t a side-effect o…
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