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Ovarian Cyst – Natural Remedy

Providing you have received a diagnosis from your doctor that the cysts on your ovaries are not dangerous, you might like to consider an ovarian cyst natural remedy. Very often, even when your symptoms are unpleasant and, in some cases, intolerable, doctors still recommend the “watchful waiting” approach. Alternatively, you might be offered a course of the birth control pill which will halt ovulation, which in turn, stops cysts developing and therefore helps to reduce the symptoms.

Conventional treatment might also include surgery to drain or remove cysts and in some severe cases, removing the ovary altogether. Naturally, most women will avoid this option, particularly if they haven’t completed their family.

The truth is that conventional options are never a permanent solution as all they do is help eliminate the symptoms and not the root causes, meaning that whatever caused the cysts in the first place is still there. In over 95% of cases, the ovarian cysts reform after conventional treatment, with symptoms being at least as bad, if not worse than before.

On the other hand, by using an ovarian cyst natural remedy you can both relieve symptoms and shrink the cysts altogether, the aim being to restore balance within the body. For symptomatic relief, try simple remedies such as heat therapy. A hot water bottle on the abdomen can be very soothing, as can a hot bath. Gentle massage can also help to relieve the pain.

To shrink the cysts, an ovarian cyst natural remedy will need to incorporate the following:-

* Dietary changes
* Cleansing protocols
* Detoxification
* Implementing an exercise regime
* Supplementation of diet

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A writer on female health issues, Charlotte reviews various natural systems and remedies, particularly in respect of reproductive health. She has a particular interest in the problems experienced by women suffering from ovarian cysts, as she is a former sufferer herself prior to the birth of her children. After several frustrating visits to her doctor and after almost losing an ovary, it was only by using a holistic remedy that freed her from her symptoms. All products recommended have been chosen as they give consistent reliable results and have excellent customer feedback and testimonials.