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Natural Remedy for Eczema: Sunlight Is a Great Complementary Natural Remedy Eczema

If you are looking for alternatives to synthetic medications treatments for eczema, there are some natural remedies that work great, Natural sunlight is one of such remedies for eczema that you should include in your overall treatment.

Many people have used a number of natural remedies for eczema with good results, such as sunlight or oils. These people, as you probably are, has decided to go the natural route, instead of using chemicals that may have side effects or cost an arm and a leg to buy. When I suffered eczema, these were some of my main concerns.

So, why does Sunlight helps treat Eczema?

Sunlight triggers the body to make certain vitamins. Even if you take some supplements, there is no substitute for sunlight. These vitamins are part of your body armory to fight eczema. The trick is to achieve the balance so your body receives the necessary sunlight and you don’t over do it.

First, when you go out for sunlight therapy, avoid going from 11 am to 12 am. The sun is at its strongest at those hours and should be avoided. When you are ready to go out, use a moisturizer in the affected area and a sunblock cream in all of your body.

Go to the sunlight for only an hour. More could cause you to burn. An hour is enough for your body to produce the vitamins needed for your natural remedy eczema.

After one hour in the sunlight, take a bath and remove the moisturizer and sunblock completely. It’s important that you make sure you have removed all traces of the sunblock cream.

Sunlight will help your body recover from this skin disorder, as it will help you produce Vitamins that you cannot receive any other way. However, sunlight is just a part of a complete Natural Remedy for Eczema. Learn more about a Natural Remedies for Eczema at http://www.eczemaattention.com

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Natural Home Remedy For Eczema

Learn to treat your eczema at home without the need of doctors or specialists. Many people find relief with natural home remedies for eczema. Here are a few proven remedies that you can try to get relief from your eczema:

Natural Home Remedy for Eczema 1

Many people underestimate the importance of a good diet. It has been scientifically proven that acidic foods can be very bad for your eczema. Since the average persons diet generally contains a large amount of acidic ingredients, it is therefore recommended to introduce more alkaline based food such as: broccoli, spinach, cabbage, grapefruit and fresh coconut. The alternative if you do not want to change your diet is to take a kelp substitute.  Kelp will neutralize some of the acid due to it being very high in alkali.

Natural Home Remedy for Eczema 2

Take care in what you wear. A minor irritation can cause long term problems. Throw out anything that irritates you and replace it with  softest 100% cotton that you can find. Don’t forget that bedding and towels can also cause irritation, along with the detergents that you use on them.

Natural Home Remedy for Eczema 3

Vitamin E is very good when applied directly onto eczema infected areas of skin. Its largest benefit is that it reduces the itching and discomfort that you feel in your worst eczema areas. It works by neutralizing  the microbes that are thought to cause the itching. Be careful when buying Vitamin E as the natural version is a lot more efficient than the synthetic kind. As with any treatment you need to be patient, some people will see an instant result where others will have to wait weeks to see any difference with their eczema issues.

Natural Home Remedy for Eczema 4

Blueberry leaf extract can be found in most health stores. Blueberry leaves are naturally acidic and act as a natural anti inflammatory. If applied regularly it will help you in the long term.

 Natural Home Remedy for Eczema 5

Moisturise. The key to moisturising is to set yourself a regime and stick to it. It is highly recommended to moisturise at least twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. To get the most benefit from moisturising it is best to apply the moisturiser after you bath or shower.  Do not dry yourself fully your skin still needs to be damp when the moisturiser is applied, that way the extra moisture is locked into your skin. Always look for an unscented moisturiser as the scenting agents may cause irritation.

Eczema can have a great effect on your life if you let it. Most people don’t realise how much difference they can make to their situation with simple home remedies that wont break the bank or cause problems with side effects. Using these simple tips should help you to get some relief from the irritation and discomfort that you feel.

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