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Fast Way to Lower Blood Pressure Quickly – 5 Tips to Knock Off 15 Points

If you want a fast way to lower blood pressure quickly, your BP reading should not be greater than 139/99. In other words you should be pre-hypertensive not hypertensive to give these ideas a try. If you are hypertensive, these tips will probably help but talk to your doctor first.

The Fastest Way: Exercise. Mild aerobic exercise like walking, swimming and cycling can drop up to 4 points immediately if you do at least 30 minutes a day. The drop will last about 22 hours so this is something you have to make a regular part of your day.

Eat Potassium: Your doctor has probably told you to restrict the salt in your diet. However salt is only half the equation. Your body needs a specific relationship between salt (sodium) and the mineral potassium. Most of the potassium we get comes in a processed form and it’s value is diminished because of the tons of salt that comes with processing. The solution? Eat fresh sources of potassium. The banana is a rich source and has dietary fiber as well. Eat a banana a day and your BP can drop up to 3 points in 2 weeks.

Hydrate: Dehydration is becoming a big problem in this country. Drinking sufficient water is good for a number of ailments but with BP it tends to soften the arteries allowing them to dilate, expels salt, and improves kidney function. Drink 50% of your body weight in ounces each day. If you weigh 150 pounds, drink 75 ounces of water.

Cold Water Fish: Substitute two red meat meals a week with mackerel, salmon, sardines or tuna. These fish are rich in Omega-3 and good cholesterol, and by substituting them for red meat you are automatically reducing saturated fat and bad cholesterol.

Get Some Sleep: Sleep is the natural way to work off stress which impacts on your high blood pressure. At a minimum get 6 hours but shoot for eight.

If you can follow these tips you can shave 12 to 18 points off your BP in less than 3 two weeks.

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Find Fast Relief With a Natural Sunburn Remedy

Sometimes, no matter how careful we are and despite the precautions we might take, we come home from the beach or the picnic or the park with a terrible sunburn. When sunburn strikes, it is comforting to know you can create your own natural sunburn remedy from the comfort of your home that in many instances works faster and better than over the counter treatments and medication. People have been using home remedies and natural cures made from natural ingredients for years and a natural sunburn remedy is as close as your neighborhood supermarket.

A homemade sunburn remedy has been catching a lot of attention due to the very nature of its cure. It is simple, has no side effects, no chemicals, is inexpensive to make, and provides the satisfaction and the pleasure of being able to treat and cure yourself. For a natural home remedy, the kitchen is a great place to start. It has almost all the medicinal ingredients you could need to deal with many common ailments, including sunburn.

For example, one of the most popular all-around home remedies, white vinegar may be applied to the sunburned area with cotton or a washcloth. This solution prevents the appearance of blisters and minimizes peeling. If you make tea, especially herbal tea or black tea, cool it, and use a soft cloth to apply it on your sunburns. This will go a long way to helping to relieve the pain. The idea behind using these types of remedies is to use the chemicals naturally present in the herbs, spices food to treat the infection or affliction without using harmful or artificial chemicals.

Of course, every effort should always be taken to prevent sunburn in the first place. Everyone is at risk for skin cancer, especially people with light skin color, light hair or eye color, and a history of lifetime sunburn, according to the American Cancer Society. When sunburn can’t be avoided, treat it quickly with a natural sunburn remedy, free from nasty chemicals and with no side effects.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply grab a few common ingredients from your refrigerator or pantry, mix them together and create your own homemade sunburn remedy. Not only would you have a safe and effective home remedy for that nasty sunburn, you could avoid a trip to your local pharmacy and save yourself some money. To learn more about treating sunburn and to start making your own home remedies, visit Natural Sunburn Remedy today.

How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast

After coming out of the exam room, I was “swimming in my mind”! You know the feeling, don’t you. My dilemma? How to lower blood pressure fast, and preferably without more drugs.

My options? Take expensive blood-pressure medicine (with all of the negative and dangerous side-effects) for the rest of my life, or find a way to lower my blood pressure fast and naturally.

I spent the following 3 weeks conducting research…hours and hours of research. Hypertension is a silent killer, and I was scared.

The bad news: the mountain of junk, scams, and misinformation on the Internet that you’re forced to wade through when doing the necessary research.

The good news: I found three, legitimate, affordable programs to lower blood pressure quickly without drugs. I did an unbiased investigation of the programs, published the reviews, and made it available to the public FREE of charge. Why? Just on a hope to help somebody suffering from the same thing.

The facts: The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA.1995; 273: 1211-1218) states that approximately 92% of all BP pathologies can be controlled naturally. The odds that you can lower your high bp without medication is very good.

Listen (and we both already know this much), most hypertension cases can be treated with weight, diet, exercise, liquid intake, and sleep habits. BUT HERE’S THE KICK – there’s a “recipe” in these things which effectively reduce blood pressure naturally. I didn’t know the recipe, but I wanted to know it, and NEEDED to know it!

Here’s a quick example of what’s inside the three programs that I reviewed:

Asparagus (asparigine) – chemical alkaloid that boosts kidney performance, and improves waste removal. Brussel Spouts stimulates the kidneys and pancreas. Beets are natural diuretic foods that attack floating body fats and fatty deposits. Celery is another natural diuretic. Many bp patients even utilize water programs to lower their bp by 55 points naturally!

This article doesn’t allow the space to list the information here, so click on the blood pressure review link at the end of this article if you’d like a little more information.

Accurate and trustworthy information is the first key to resolving this problem.

If you’d like to know more, just click on http://www.squidoo.com/How-To-Lower-Blood-Pressure-Fast-Without-Medicine for accurate and unbiased information that will enable you to lower your blood pressure fast and without medication.

Fastest Way to Reduce Blood Pressure – Tips For You Speed Demons Who Want Lower Pressure Fast

Are you looking for the fastest way to reduce high blood pressure? You probably know already that drugs aren’t the answer. Drugs are designed to control blood pressure not eliminate it. You probably also know that the best way to get this condition out of your life is to make changes in your lifestyle.

But you want to reduce pressure fast right?

Okay here are some tips on how to knock significant points off your blood pressure reading. Understand they are just kick starters and not a permanent cure.

Actually the first one is a permanent cure if you can keep it up. Daily exercise can shave 3 to 5 points from your reading immediately after you complete the exercise. We’re not talking about running a marathon or doing 50 crunches or any of that painful stuff. Simply doing mild aerobic exercise like a brisk walk or cycling 30 minutes a day is all it takes.

Exercise has some added benefits as well. The first is you are going to feel better. Exercising creates endorphins and you’ll be riding on a natural high. Exercise is also one of the most effective ways to burn off stress hormones like adrenalin which tends to constrict blood vessels and increase pressure. Lastly, after you’re at it for a while, your gut will shrink adding not only value to your effort to reduce blood pressure but to your self esteem as well.

Get a good quality garlic supplement and take it daily. The garlic is something of a miracle food that is beneficial for a number of maladies but in this case it works as an excellent vasodilator which opens the blood vessels up allowing for lower pressure. In addition it is loaded with antioxidants which fight free radicals and inhibits the depositing of plaque on the artery walls.

If you don’t want to buy a supplement then try to include four to five fresh cloves in your diet each day. If you’re heavy into Italian food it should be no problem.

This last one works but nobody seems to really know why. Take three teaspoons of apple vinegar mixed in a half glass of water each day. Make sure you get the real stuff, not the distilled version. There should be some glop at the bottom of the bottle (it’s called mother). After two or three days increase the dose to three tablespoons. Some people like to add lemon juice to make it go down easier.

People who have tried this have reported up to a 10 point drop in 2 days.

Combining these three tips can reduce your blood pressure fast. You could experience a drop of 15 points within 3 days if you work at it. If you add any of the healthy changes to lifestyle you’ll see even greater results.

HBP is just way too dangerous to play around with. You really need a plan to not only reduce it but to cure it and get that threat out of your life. You owe it to yourself and your family to commit to a plan that will bring you a longer healthier life.

Just imagine knowing without a doubt exactly what will and won’t have a positive effect on the fastest way to reduce blood pressure. No guessing. No worry. No debate. You can get the answers you want by visiting http://MyNaturalCures.info right now!

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