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Massage Therapy Emerging From Alternative Medicine Branding

The notion that the health of one system of the body affects the whole should be a common-sense conclusion, yet in the last 80 years the world of medicine has been controlled by pharmaceutical companies promoting temporary solutions to ease the symptoms of disease rather than correcting the cause. Their advertising budgets have been sufficiently astronomical to sway the public to accept this as normal and healthy. Most of us were brought up with access to a medicine cabinet or doctor with a prescription pad when any sign of poor health became evident. It would be unheard of for a doctor to recommend massage therapy to a patient so that his immune system could be strengthened to help current problems and prevent future illness.

Pills and flu shots have proven to be unsuccessful in generating dynamically cured patients, only a very large selling market conditioned to buy pharmaceuticals for conditions that can be treated naturally. Most everybody walks out of a doctor’s office without hearing a word about getting some exercise and eating properly. You are, however going to be asked if you want a flu shot. This casual request should be considered carefully: some batches of flu vaccine have caused side effects such as guillain-barre syndrome, vasculitis, anaphylactic shock and even death.

The decades of the 1960s and 1970s saw a revolutionary change in the way people saw their bodies. Those New Age visionaries who at that time seemed so strange developing lifestyles that revolved around yoga, Tai Chi, therapeutic massage, chiropractic adjustment, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and other old and new traditions that could benefit the mind and body. Most of these treatments and procedures involve clearing the flow of energy in the body. When the potential electrochemical energy of the body builds up in one area due to a blockage, then the balance of life-force is put off kilter, resulting in stress and eventual illness.

A person’s mind cannot be left out of the equation when discussing overall health. Discomfort and pain of any kind will have an effect on the consciousness and ultimately the disposition of the sufferer. “A sound mind in a sound body” is a universally true axiom. Conversely, the power of the mind can perform wonders on the body when a person is able to focus an overwhelming optimism on the condition. One problem with drugs is that they can sedate the mind or make the patient feel depressed while he’s waiting for the pharmaceuticals to work their magic. However, without removing the stress in muscles that is blocking the life force, there is insufficient energy to bolster the spirit necessary for the body to heal itself.

Some alternative therapies remain shrouded in mystery, but the facts on the effects of massage therapy are so obviously simple to understand that it stands out from anything labeled as “alternative” and must be accepted into the mainstream of medicine, not just for physical injuries but for general health. In our society today, stress is an epidemic that results in heart attacks, cancer, and a host of other serious conditions including mental states leading to violence against others or even suicide. The massage therapist provides treatment that stimulates the body to flush toxins out, making for a better immune system.

Yoga and Tai Chi are therapeutic in nature from every perspective; these arts provide exercise (with a heavy emphasis on breathing techniques) along with a peaceful state of mind achieved by meditation and awareness of body systems. The lines along which life force flows are known as “meridians” and centers of energy are called “chakras”. These are basic to Zen arts and also to massage therapy. It would be impossible to imagine someone being in an upset or violent state after a relaxing hour-long massage treatment.

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Prevent Your Dog From Arthritis By Arthritis Medicines

These days have seen all the usefulness of arthritis medicines for dogs. More and more dogs are suffering from arthritis, which make it significant to have a reliable medicines to treat this.


Like humans, dogs have a remarkable array of cartilage, bones, and ligaments that make up the canine skeletal system. Just like the typical bone structures in humans, dogs’ bones are also connected by joints. These joints provide flexibility for jumping, running, moving the neck and head, climbing, and trotting.


Joint Damage

For proper lubrication and to ensure that bones maintain flexibility, a thin membrane known as synovium provides synovial fluid. However, due to the joints’ wear and tear and intermittent cases of diseases or injuries, joints can be damaged and may cause inflammation or arthritis.


The most common cause of dog arthritis is old age. Due to the wear and tear of the joints or cartilages, a protective layer that guarantees bone flexibility, joint inflammation or arthritis develops. And dogs cannot simply escape this condition. And even if there cannot be marvelous medications to treat dog arthritis, much can be done to help dogs bear the pains arthritis can bring.


At some point, surgery can be administered to dogs with severe cases of arthritis. However, most dogs experience manageable arthritis and are simply given medications to control pain. Along with the right diet and consistent exercise, dogs can effectively manage the bouts of arthritis attack.


Pain Relievers

One of the most distracting effects of arthritis in dogs is pain. Unlike humans, who have higher tolerance for pain, dogs may find it hard coping with the soreness and throbbing that arthritis can bring.


Hence, it is important that dogs be given pain relievers. Health experts say that pain relievers used by humans can also be used in dogs. Although dogs are prone to side effects, controlling pain can still be provide significant relief.


For so many years, aspirin has been the most common pain reliever for humans. With this, experts say it can also be used in dogs. However, dog owners should take note that aspirin can also cause stomach irritation in dogs especially if the medication has been taken with an empty stomach. Hence, it is advisable that aspirin must be taken during meals.


Also, keep in mind that dogs should not be given more than two tablets of aspirin in a week. Try to consider your dog’s weight as well for proper dosage. For example, a 30 to 40 pound dog should take half tablet twice a day.


Fewer Side Effects

On the other hand, some medicines are said to be more effective and have fewer side effects. One good example is Rimadyl, generic name for Carprofen. This medication aids in controlling pain. However, just like any drug, long-term use may cause adverse effects such as liver damage. Hence, veterinarians suggest that dogs are subject to regular blood tests just to assess the normal functioning of the liver.


Some medicines are also effective in stimulating the creation of joint fluid known as synovial fluid. They can also impede the accumulation of harmful enzymes that trigger swelling or soreness in the joints. These medications attach to torn or broken cartilage to increase metabolism, thus, speeding up the progress of repair.


One good example is Adequan or polysulfated glycosaminoglycan. This is an injectable medication for dog arthritis. Since it is injectable, Adequan is said to be fast acting and effective when administered through intramuscular injection. Best of all, experts say that this specific type of arthritis medication for dogs can provide pain relief as long as six months.


Some medicines are designed to provide fast relief with minimal side effects and gastrointestinal problems. And with the natural behavior of dogs, some medicines provide ease in administering treatment.



Supplements count as one of the most important medications for dogs with arthritis. These medicines do not just provide reliable pain relief but can also promote proper shaping of cartilage and joint.


Veterinarians suggest that these medicines should be administered in dogs that are still at the earliest stage of arthritis. In this way, further damage and inflammation in the joints can be prevented. Moreover, these medicines try to preserve the remaining joints to facilitate growth and repair and maintain the normal functioning of the skeletal system.


To date, there are still no medications that can effectively eliminate dog arthritis. But with the help of arthritis medicines for dogs, such as pain relievers and supplements, dog arthritis can be bearable. To be on the safe side, make sure to discuss all treatments with your veterinarian.


Flor Serquina is a successful Webmaster and publisher of Arthritis-Education.com. She provides more information on topics such as arthritis medicine for dogs and arthritis product that you can research on her website even while lounging in your living room.

Benefit Of Buying Medicine From Cheap Prescription Medicine Pharmacy

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Monitor Your Blood Pressure From Home

As people age, blood pressure tends to rise as well. If you are a high blood sufferer, following a healthy lifestyle that include proper food selections, quitting smoking, and regular exercising can help control it and reduce the risks for related health problems. Also, checking your blood pressure at home is a crucial part of managing the condition.

If you’re not sure where to begin looking in the maze of medical devices and gadgets, talk to your doctor. In fact, if you ask your doctor he may recommend a brand to you that you should consider. Make sure you chose a company that specializes in providing high quality equipment for use at home.

If you are on a budget, a wrist blood pressure cuff can be a good way to monitor your blood pressure. This monitor is quite small which makes it a very portable device and very easy to use. The price is also very affordable. Wrist monitor can give accurate readings or closer to the pressure measure if you read the instructions and are careful to position the monitor properly.

If you have a little more expansive budget, you should probably check out a blood pressure monitor which has a computer connection for your easy read outs. This upper-arm blood pressure cuff and monitor actually records your data every time you take your blood pressure. This is a great way to keep track of your results and also enable you to print them out to discuss with your doctor.

You can also get a blood pressure monitor that inflates automatically, such as the ones at the doctor’s clinic. It has just the right amount of pressure to exactly measure your pulse and blood pressure readings, which the monitor displays in an easy-to-read way. It is convenient to use as you can plug it into the wall, or operate it with 4 AA batteries. This is a great tool and therefore worth your money.

In order to maintain your blood pressure monitor working accurately, it is highly suggested to get it check and tested every six months, either by your doctor or pharmacist to make sure the numbers you are getting are correct.

No matter which blood pressure monitor you decide to get, there is no doubt that the Omron line is extensive and of the highest quality, with prices designed for home-use. Omron has been a leading manufacturer of excellent home medical devices, which is highly regarded in the industry. Once you’ve decided to get a blood pressure monitor to use at home, be sure to consider an Omron device for your accurate readings.

If you do decide to measure your blood pressure at home, you will need to get a reliable home blood pressure monitor. Omron blood pressure machines are safe, accurate, and convenient for home use. Check out our site to learn more about Omron medical B.P. monitors and how to save on your purchase.

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