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2012 MediTour Expo – Interview of Abdullah Nasser on “Public Health & Global Healthcare”

MediTour Expo and IntHealthCert are together striving for Global Healthcare Patient Safety! Their Mission: IntHealthCert is an international non-profit organ…

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Secretary Clinton Holds Global Town Hall

US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton holds a Townterview at the Newseum in Washington, DC on January 29, 2013 at 9:30 AM. A “Townterview” is a mix of a town hall and a television interview. The concept was first introduced by the Secretary when she entered office as a way to broaden People to People engagement. This is her 59th town hall and an opportunity to engage with young people around the world in advance of her last day as Secretary of State on Friday, February 1st. A text transcript can be found at www.state.gov

New Way to Kill Bed Bugs

The pesky pests may have finally met their match!

Secretary Clinton Holds a Global Townterview

Secretary Clinton Holds a Global Townterview
SECRETARY CLINTON: Well, first, let me say on the medicine and on food and other necessities, there are no sanctions. And what we have tried to do, and in fact, I have approved the sending of medicines to Iran for exactly the purpose that is pointed out.
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