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Hyperthermia Treatment For Breast Cancer

News story about using hyperthermia as a treatment for breast cancer. Hyperthermia therapy is a treatment used in battling cancer by heating tumors. The Heat…

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(Prostate Cancer Treatment) (Alternative) Survivor- (Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment) Real Story

(Prostate Cancer Treatment) (Alternative ) Survivor- (Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment) – Real Story http://vci.org . A real story, a prostate cancer patient te…
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Joanne Lynn, MD, Ohio State University presentation from the 2010 Rare Neuroimmunologic Disorders Symposium.

Alternative Bladder Cancer Treatment Options – Hyperthermia – Real Story – Bladder Cancer

(Alternative Bladder Cancer Treatment Options) (Hyperthermia)-Real Story of a Bladder Cancer patient, who after receiving other alternative therapies that failed, was offered surgery, chemotherapy, and conventional high radiation: “I refused them because I had friends who die not from the cancer but from the chemotherapy, radiation or surgery”. He found Valley Cancer Institute and received Hyperthermia combined with low radiation dose, and after 5 1/2 months went back home cancer free! _______________________________________ The reason I came to the institute is, two years ago, i was diagnosed with bladder cancer, and I went through two courses of BCG treatment. They did a biopsy and still found cancer, so I repeated again for six weeks, repeated the test at the end, and they still found cancer, only now the cancer they found was more serious. It couldn’t be treated by BCG. I went to another neurologist. The first the he did was send me to a CAT scan. In the CAT scan, we saw in the ball at the bottom, it had a huge tumor. So he told me that the only thing that they could do would be to remove my bladder, and I would wear a bag on my side for the rest of my life. He also offered me chemotherapy, but I’ve had friends who’ve gone through chemotherapy and died. He offered me radiation, and I’ve had friends who had to have treatment for the burns from the radiation. And then he told me that the surgery, was only a 50/50 chance of coming out of it without cancer. I asked him
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