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2012 MediTour Expo – Interview of Abdullah Nasser on “Public Health & Global Healthcare”

MediTour Expo and IntHealthCert are together striving for Global Healthcare Patient Safety! Their Mission: IntHealthCert is an international non-profit organ…

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Hemp Oil Cancer Cure? : Rick Simpson – Mike Hagan’s RadiOrbit Interview

Hemp Oil Cancer Cure? : Rick Simpson – RadiOrbit Interview with host: Mike Hagan See also: Intravenous vitamin C + herbal remedies + vitamin D (sunshine) + proper nutrition (organic superfoods, etc)
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Nobel Prize in Medicine Winner - Dr. Linus Pauling Tells the Truth about Vitamin C and Cancer

Epistemology – By: (Me) Nicholas Ellis @ www.Youtube.com/sn1pe352 Intravenous Vitamin C Kills Cancer Cells : Recall how hydrogen peroxide is poured on wounds to kill germs. Well now researchers clearly show high-dose vitamin C, when administered intravenously, can increase hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) levels within cancer cells and kills them. IV vitamin C was also demonstrated to kill germs and may be an effective therapy for infectious disease. With a growing body of evidence mounting, National Institutes of Health (NIH) researchers conceded today that intravenous vitamin C may be an effective treatment for cancer. Last year the same researchers reported a similar study but the news media failed to publish it. The latest study, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, confirms the work of Nobel-Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling who conducted cancer research in the 1970s with vitamin C. Dr. Pauling’s studies were discredited at the time by poorly conducted research studies at the Mayo Clinic. Unlike cancer drugs, IV vitamin C selectively killed cancer cells, but not healthy cells, and showed no toxicity. The ability of intravenous vitamin C to kill lymphoma cells was remarkable almost 100% at easily achievable blood serum concentrations. For inexplicable reasons, NIH researchers continue to maintain high-dose oral vitamin C can produce a limited increase in serum vitamin C concentrations. However, their earlier study published in 2004 clearly showed
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(Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative Option) Effective & Low Side Effects- Survivor Interview #1

(Breast Cancer Treatment Alternative ) Effective & Low Side Effects- Survivor Interview #1 vci.org A very strong woman who refused the conventional treatments of surgery, followed by high dose radiation, and chemotherapy. She knew there were alternatives and options to cure breast cancer. She did not want her body to be touched by invasive standard breast cancer treatments, and she found Hyperthermia combined with Low-Dose-Radiation in Los Angeles, California. It took three months for her to be cancer free and as she said “It was worth the waiting” “I was in UCLA first for some tests. My grandmother had cervical cancer and she got cure My tumor went from 2.5 cmto 8 cm in 8 months… vci.org ——————————————————————————————————————- Useful Links: Breast Cancer Alternative Treatment – Breast Cancer Center … www.everydayhealth.com Learn about the latest in alternative treatments for breast cancer. Alternative cancer treatment seems to work best to relieve the therapy side effects. acupuncturelosangeles4u.blogspot.com Breast Cancer Alternative Holistic Medicine www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com Jump to Find out the facts about hormone replacement therapy and breast …‎: The largest breast cancer increase is in women who were … Women in the US Not Properly … – The Breast Stays Put: No Chemo … Alternative Cancer Treatments www.alternative-cancer-treatments.com Alternative Cancer Treatments, a