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Using Nutrition As An Alternative Medicine Treatment

Alternative medicine as opposed to regular medicine is often not only used to cure, but also for prevention. The best way to prevent an actual disease is to take a critical look at your eating habits and balancing it out. The numbers prove that 70% of the people who pay a visit to the doctor’s office could have stayed healthy at home if they had made some adjustments to their diet.

The keyword here is balance. If you balance out your diet based on nutrition and not on what tastes good, you will be able to prevent a lot of complaints and diseases. Often when the body is complaining, for instance by giving you a headache or causing indigestion, you have to listen to it. Your body is trying to tell you that it is short on something that you need to provide.

In this example when you are having headaches without suffering any stress or other physical explanations it is often the case that your body is short on water. By drinking one liter of water for every 60 pounds in your weight, you always are on top of your body’s water supply and your unexplained headaches will disappear and a stash of aspirin is no longer necessary.

In order to prevent your body from nagging you about the shortcomings in your nutrition you have to be one step ahead and follow a healthy balanced diet which provides all of your body’s nutritional needs. You need to follow a program with a variety of nutrients. In order to have your body functioning the way it is supposed to it needs protein, fibers, good fats, good carbohydrates and all kinds of different vitamins and minerals.

Protein is very necessary in order to feed your muscles and make them recover after a work-out and it gives your body a very fulfilled feeling. You can find protein in all kinds of milk products, meat, fish and some vegetables.

One down-side of most protein sources is that they are animal based proteins and always contain some percentage of fat. In order to go completely healthy and for the people with dairy allergies there is the alternative of soy products. Also look at high-protein grains such as quinoa, amaranth and millet.

The fibers you can get from bread, vegetables and all sorts of fruit and is necessary in order to maintain a healthy metabolism. Good fiber intake also adjusts your cholesterol levels. As well as fibers, vegetables and fruit contain a lot of anti-oxidants that your body needs to take out all sorts of toxins which may have accumulated in your body and resulted in weakening your immune system.

The vitamins in the fruit and vegetables have all kinds of different functions all with the ultimate goal of maintaining your body in a good condition and letting your body be able to function the way it is supposed to.

When you stick to these regulations you will see that you will be in total control of your weight, your energy levels and you don’t have to visit your doctor as often as you used to.

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