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Pancreatic Cancer Alternative Treatments

Pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat due to difficulty in diagnosis. It has very few symptoms before it spreads to other parts of the body. Once it spreads and it is often too late for western treatment methods to do anything. Death rate because of pancreatic cancer is high.

Western treatments focus only on the immediate treatment of the problem rather than eliminating the root cause of the problem. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are the two methods that are usually followed by orthodox western practitioners to treat pancreatic cancer. Remember that these treatments help only to remove the tumor in the pancreas. It does not eliminate the cause of the problem. Thereby the tumor grows and the person suffers once again from cancer in the next five years.

First let’s understand what pancreas does. Pancreas creates enzymes (namely Trypsin) that help us to digest the food that we eat. Food that we cooked has no live enzymes present in it. Trypsin eats the holes in walls of the tumors which pave way for the white blood cells to enter the tumor and destroy it. Are we aware of the fact that each and every one has cancer cells in the body? Yes, we all have cancer cells in the body. White blood cells and Trypsin are the contents that help in killing this cancer cells. If we eat more food, we are using more Trypsin to digest the food. So its part in destroying the cancer cells is very minimal. Adding to this, if one’s immune power is less, then there is nothing that can prevent him/her from suffering with pancreatic cancer.

Nutritional diet is the best supplement or alternative way to treat the pancreatic cancer.
In early days when pancreatic cancer has been identified, it is said that garlic and onion are the best medicine for it. Yes, it’s true. Cancer cannot survive in presence of oxygen.

Garlic and onion are alkaline in nature. Alkaline fluids tend to hold on oxygen unlike acidic fluid. So Garlic and onion is the best medicine for this type of cancer. Almost all the food that we eat is acidic. One way to neutralize is to take alkaline food as well. Calcium is one of the best alkaline supplements available. Marine grade coral calcium is the best to intake because it has both magnesium and calcium in equal quantity. Above all one who suffers from this cancer has to reduce taking sugar and fatty foods.

Green tea consumption helps to fight against the cancer and various other health benefits as well. Green tea has several compounds in it. Among those compounds, epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) has shown the maximum potential to fight against the cancer.

Eating tomato and tomato related products such as tomato sauce, pizza sauce, tomato juice and ketchup reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer. Tomato has Lycopene compound in it. This compound has the ability to fight against the cancer.

Another alternative technology is Bio-photonic light treatment. It is a natural form of treatment that has been seen to produce good results. This treatment increases the energy levels of individual cells that has got damaged or weakened because of cancer. This is done by directing UV towards the affected cells.

These are the few best ways that people follow all over the world to cure themselves from pancreatic cancer.

Reading this article makes one to understand the different pancreatic cancer alternative treatments. This will help one to be aware of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

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