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Panic Attacks Cures: Look At Alternative Medicine

Do you know anything about panic attacks? People who have experienced these attacks say they are the worst thing they have ever been through. Trying to deal with the terrifying feelings they have during the attacks is almost more than they can handle. Unfortunately doctors don’t believe there is any cure for them. Thankfully, alternative medicine can provide panic attacks cures.

Adrenal health plays an important part in the overall health of the body. The adrenals are what cause the body to react quickly to emergency situations, and the natural reaction of fear is part of the function of these glands. When they are not working correctly fear can become a controlling factor instead of an emergency reaction. When that happens, panic attacks can begin to occur.

There are several vitamin and mineral supplements that will strengthen the adrenal glands, and play a part in a cure for panic attacks. They are vitamins C and E, vitamin B complex, pantothenic acid, magnesium, liquid trace minerals and an adrenal glandular supplement.

Two herbs that will give you quick relief from panic attacks are Siberian Ginseng and Winter Cherry. Siberian Ginseng nourishes and stimulates the adrenal glands. It helps the person be more mentally alert. Winter Cherry, on the other hand, has a calming effect on the body, and can even help the person sleep when he feels restless at night.

Instead of eating three large meals, eat five or six small ones during the day. You should eat a diet that is high in protein. Eliminate sugar, chocolate, alcohol, coffee and tea. These five items cause the adrenal glands to become exhausted from the stimulation they cause. Sugar, especially, excites the nervous system, causing the body to experience more stress. Following these suggestions will keep the blood sugar well-balanced.

Even the doctors will tell you to learn relaxation techniques to use when a panic attack begins. This is important because it stops the adrenals and makes them relax, causing the overwhelming fear to subside. Drinking fruit juice or consuming a banana will bring the blood sugar in the blood back to normal. Both of these will cure panic attacks.

These three steps will help you cure your panic attacks. Stop the attacks from coming by putting into practice the things that have been discussed. Learn to relax, and stop being afraid you will have another panic attack. Have the confidence that everything is going to be all right now. Last of all get rid of your anxious thoughts. In other words, stop worrying.

Whether or not you talk with a medical doctor or a psychologist, they will assure you that there is no permanent panic attacks cure. You can learn relaxation techniques, participate in different therapies and take antidepressants, but you will always live in fea of another panic attack. Put into practice the things we’ve talked about, and rest assured that there is sufficient proof that a cure for panic attacks does exist.

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Panic Attack and High Blood Pressure

Many of us suffer from panic attacks. There are many ways to combat it but it can be hard at times. One of the bad things about having a panic attack and high blood pressure is that the two don’t mix well. They can cause quite a bit of trouble for a person.

Mainly the first problem that a panic attack and high blood pressure causes is cardiovascular damage. When you have a panic attack if you cannot control it your blood pressure will be affected. If you have high blood pressure this can lead to damage to your bodies cardiovascular system. Mainly your arteries and heart.

The second problem may be dizziness, feeling light headed, blurry visions, fatigue, and passing out. These are not things you want to have happen to you period, much less in the middle of a panic attack. The best way to take care of this is to attack the panic attacks before they can attack you. This may sound funny at first but it works.

You can go to a doctor and ask them for help dealing with your panic attack and high blood pressure. But all they will do is give you medications that might not work right. Some of them have nasty side affects as well and can cause more harm than good. But take heart there are natural methods for taking care of this.

The first thing to do when you have panic attack and high blood pressure is exercise. Exercising regularly keeps you in shape, and helps you stay healthy. It can also lower your blood pressure. This is a good thing. Not to mention it can help prevent panic attacks in the first place as you will have less spare energy.

The second method is meditation. Meditating every day can help keep your blood pressure down as well. It will keep you in a constant relaxed state and during this time your heart rate will decrease and become easy. Not a bad easy a good easy. Like a relaxed pumping. We want this, this is a good thing.

The final natural thing you can do when you have an anxiety attack and high blood pressure is to breath. Practicing controlling your breathing so when you have an attack you can keep your breath nice and level. This will help keep your pressure low. After all if the panic is less then the heart will respond less. It’s a little tough to do but better than the alternative right?

To wrap things up dealing with anxiety attack and high blood pressure can be difficult at times. When the attack hits it can be crippling and in some cases terrifying. But it’s important to stay calm and not give into the fear. Keeping your breathing under control and keeping your emotions steady can help you through it, and make it last less. In addition exercising can help improve the strength of your cardiovascular system so in the event something does happen you won’t break as easily. It can be a long and hard process but you only get out of it what you put it. Either way it’s a lot better than a heart attack isn’t it?

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