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Natural Remedy For Hair Loss – Revealed!

Even in this day and age, there is no fool proof way to prevent hair loss. A disappointing, but true fact. There are however a few little remedies, that may help you manage the problem.

For instance; massage. Yes, a relaxing head massage can help your luxurious locks to keep on growing. And it can lower your stress levels too, two benefits for the price of one!

If you massage your poor old scalp for a few minutes a day, you can stimulate blood flow to your tired hair follicles, and hopefully generate a bit of hair growth.

If herbs are your thing, you could mix up a concoction, using rosemary and sage to help your locks. Boil in water some rosemary, sage peach leaf nettle and burdock.

Take out the loose herbs, and wash your hair daily with the remaining liquid. The herbs are traditionally beneficial when used externally, so why not give this natural remedy for hair loss a bash?

If you are more of an aromatherapy kind of person, you could in fact use it to keep your hair loss troubles at bay. Bay and lavender essential oils are the order of the day, add 6 drops of each to 4 ounces of almond oil.

Massage the blend into the scalp, and leave for 20 minutes. 20 minutes later, you should feel relaxed and smell pretty good too!
This isn’t a quick fix, but you should feel good whilst your waiting.

For all you health nuts out there, guess what, regular exercise is recommended for increasing in hair growth. Holistic healers recommend it, as it improves blood flow to your hair follicles. So get your exercise gear on, you will improve your health and your hair!

Cleansing is a big must when trying to grow and maintain your hair. Many diseases related to the scalp are caused by excess toxins that haven’t been flushed out of your body. You can cleanse through oral means on a regular basis, and then sometimes use enema or colonic irrigation as an occasional method.

Remember to always consult your doctor if you are experiencing hair loss, as there could be a serious underlying cause.

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