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Should I Try a Natural Remedy Before a Prescription Drug?

Doctor, isn’t there something all natural I could take? While this question may cause some doctors to roll their eyes at you, all natural remedies/medicines are well worth considering. In fact, most natural medicines and remedies should be considered your first choice before choosing prescription drugs.

Many people believe that prescription remedies are far from universally effective, while many natural remedies have proven benefits. It is a sad fact of life, however, that the large clinical trials doctors rely on to generate good quality evidence about the safety and efficacy of any treatment are very expensive to run. This puts natural remedies at a disadvantage, as being not patentable they are of little interest to the big pharmaceutical companies who have the large funds to organize trials, production and advertising. In the United States many natural remedies, like Aloe, Ginger, Vegetable Charcoal and Peppermint extracts, do undergo a very significant degree of processing and strict regulations monitored by the FDA. Regulations and processing is why many natural remedies cost a bit more than prescription drugs in the US.

The pharmaceutical industry searches the world to snap up the secrets of numerous herbal, nutritional and natural remedies to turn them into conventional pill and bottled patented remedies. Meanwhile, some elements of the pharmaceutical industry attack traditional herbalists the public is unlikely to pay large sums of money for expensive patented drugs if they can treat themselves, with no risk of side-effects, with safe and effective plant-based medicines, proven over years, sometimes centuries, of use. If doctors had to stop using all treatments unless they were proven by clinical trials, medicine as we know it would shut down.

There are a large number of proven all natural remedies which have not been formally researched and written up for publication in medical or scientific journals. But no pharmaceutical company will agree to fund such research to prove a remedy is safe and effective which anyone can then use at minimal cost. Whether we call them natural or prescription does not really matter. What does matter is that we use them in a way that maximizes the help and minimizes the harmful side effects.

Make sure to do your own research on natural remedies and their actions first, then to challenge a treatment by taking the all natural approach, and work in partnership with a doctor, especially regarding the diagnosis and treatment of you or your child’s ailments. And remember, most natural remedies are dark in color because they are in there all natural form, so don’t let the color of natural remedies/medicines scare you.

Andrew Van Vooren, a husband and family man whom firmly believes in natural colic remedies for infants. Andrew has authored numerous articles on the topics of colic in babies and infant reflux. He firmly believes in using homeopathic products to relieve many infant discomforts.

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Natural Hair Loss Remedy – Discover What the Best Natural Hair Loss Remedy Should Contain

If you’re looking for a natural hair loss remedy, it is important to know what ingredients to look for in a market flooded with products which don’t actually help you and contain harmful chemicals, even if they call themselves natural.

The main reason for male pattern baldness is DHT, a by-product of testosterone, which can attach to the hair follicles and gradually weaken them resulting in the hair thinning and then falling out. The key is to use a natural hair loss remedy with a blend of botanicals to inhibit the DHT safely without any side effects.

Losing your hair at any age can be the cause of embarrassment and really age you and you don’t have to go to the extremes of transplants to get great results.

Many studies have shown how thinning hair and male pattern baldness are related to the prostate and the best quality remedies contain special ingredients which not only help to re-grow your hair and persevere the ones you have, but are also designed to promote prostate health.

One of the best is called Saw Palmetto which is extracted from slow growing palms in the US. The Saw Palmetto hair loss connection was discovered almost by accident as it is used for treating prostatic disease and was then noted for its ability to reduce thinning.

It helps to inhibit the DHT levels effectively and when combined with Nettle extract, you have a winning combination.

Another great one is Muria Puama from the Amazon rainforest which has long been used to treat hair loss along with Pumpkin, Biotin, Zinc and Magnesium.

The very best and most effective natural hair loss remedy products should contain these ingredients to help you restore your hair naturally, while helping to keep the rest and you healthy.

With male and female pattern baldness on the increase, it’s important to use a natural hair loss remedy that actually delivers on its promises while helping you to maintain optimum health as well.

Visit my website today to learn more about the natural substances that are excellent for promoting hair growth and health.

Discover the best natural hair loss remedy available today.

Should You Consider Alternative Medicine For Pets? Find Out Now

Alternative medicine for pets is about two important things.

1. Treating and preventing health problems that commonly affect pet animals like dogs and cats using natural remedies.

2. Strengthening their immune system and increasing their vitality so that they stay healthy for a long time.

Why consider alternative pet health supplements?

Alternative medications, herbal and homeopathic medications in particular, are very effective. Unlike most other types of medications, they do not treat just the symptoms of a health problem. They also treat the cause of the problem. Also, these medications mostly contain herbs and other medicinal plants which are completely natural. So, unlike some prescription drugs, they do not cause any allergic reactions or other such side effects.

What to look for?

Some of the most important ingredients you should look for in alternative pet health supplements include Indian ginseng, mistletoe, milk thistle, and Huang Qi. These herbs are known for their ability to boost the immune system of pet animals like dogs and cats. They have been used by naturopathy practitioners across the world for hundreds of years.

Alternative medicine for pets – are they a better alternative to conventional pet medications?

We cannot say that for sure. These medications are surely effective. But they cannot replace conventional medications completely. There are a lot of health problems in pets which can be treated only with conventional medications. These natural remedies are definitely a good nutritional supplement for your pets. But in case of a severe health problem, you should always consult your vet and act according to his advice.

Pet health – important things to consider

Beyond making sure your pet always has fresh water, plenty of exercise and mental stimulation such as play, diet is the next important component. There are over 40 nutrients required for a sound diet. These are difficult to replicate in home prepared meals and should be either purchased via a high quality AAFCO certified pet food or via recipes prepared by a veterinary nutritionist. Randomly providing foods is sure to miss important vitamins and minerals.

As an added layer of protection, a natural supplement can help the body help itself. As pet owners, we are all adjusting our diets for better help by taking a multi-vitamin, drinking juices or other positive steps. For pets, these same approaches and the use of natural supplements designed for pets can be helpful.

Jeff Grill is a pet enthusiast, publisher, and webmaster. Jeff grew up with a natural curiosity regarding how nutrition and supplements impact human health, and the health of the dogs and cats that are so important to our lives. He is an advocate for natural medicine and publishes many articles on how to blend conventional and homeopathic (natural) approaches to achieving wellness. You can learn more about natural approaches to pet health at the following site – alternative medicine for pets. You can also read more at the site the author edits which is the Dog Health Handbook.

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Indiana congressman says pending federal spending cuts should be refined
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