Bats Carry Many Viruses. So Why Don’t They Get Sick? – NPR

Like Ebola virus in Africa and the Nipah virus in Asia, the new coronavirus — 2019-nCoV — appears to have originated in bats.

Chinese researchers took samples of the coronavirus from patients in Wuhan, the city in central China where the outbreak was first detected.

They compared the genetic sequence of the new coronavirus — 2019-nCoV — to a library of known viruses and found a 96% match with a coronavirus found in horseshoe bats in southwest China. The findings were published in a study in Nature this week.

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‘I’m So Sorry’: Coronavirus Survivor’s Cross-China Travel Left Dozens Quarantined – Wall Street Journal

Shen Wufu, 32, with a medical worker at a hospital in the southern city of Shantou after being infected by the coronavirus.

Photo: Shen Wufu

BEIJING—Looking back, Shen Wufu thinks he must have caught the virus during a few hours in Wuhan.

The 32-year-old architect briefly stopped off in the city on Jan. 18 to hold a business meeting as he headed from northern China to the south for a family visit during China’s weeklong Lunar New Year holiday.

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Coronavirus Live Updates: Deaths in China Reach 811, Surpassing Toll From SARS – The New York Times

Here’s what you need to know:

ImageMedical workers on Friday at a convention center in Wuhan, China, that has been turned into a makeshift hospital.
Credit…Cnsphoto, via Reuters

The coronavirus death toll in China has risen to 811, surpassing the death toll from the SARS epidemic of 2002-3, according to official data released early Sunday.

The number of confirmed infections rose to 37,198, according to China’s National Health Commission. Eighty-nine deaths and 2,656 new cases were recorded in the preceding 24 hours, most of them in Hubei Province, the heart of the outbreak.

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